Timber Flooring

A well polished hardwood floor adds something special to any home. You know the instant you walk in that you’re going to enjoy it there.

Did you know that a sprung wooden floor is the best flooring for your knees? Standing on concrete or tiles can wreck your joints. You could always carpet over the oak or jarrah floorboards, but let’s face it: that should be a crime 🙂

If you have a timber floor already in place, it should be sanded and polished every 10 years or so. If you leave it any longer than that, the finish will have worn out. Why is this bad? Any time liquids spill on an unsealed floor, they cause damage to the fibers of the wood, meaning you’ll be facing a hefty bill to replace the whole thing. Not good.

Have a look at your timber floorboards right now. Do you need a Perth floor sanding expert? If so, don’t wait to call – the best ones are really busy.

How Does It Work?

If you need your floors sanded and polished, you’ll need to move all the furniture off that area. It wouldn’t be good if you left things in place, insisting they’ll never move, then later decide the bookshelf would be better over there!

Any sanding company worth their salt will put up tarps, or whatever is needed to keep your walls and ceiling safe. They will then come in with their large machines that look a lot like industrial buffing machines (you know, the ones you see in the movies where the oblivious security guard is polishing the floors with his music on, allowing the hero to slip through?) and get all the grains to a smooth surface. Any holes will be filled in and nails covered. Lastly they will apply a coat of varnish and polish it til your floor looks as good as new.

What About A New Floor?

If you need a new hardwood floor laid, the process depends on what was there before. If it’s a brand new house, this will probably be sorted out by the builder and you don’t need to worry. If you have wooden floorboards in place by they need to be completely removed and replaced, then the process is fairly straightforward. Often this happens if rot has set in or termites get you. In either of these cases, you’ll need a full site inspection before hand, to make sure the problem won’t come back any time soon.

Many people originally have a concrete floor, but understanding the benefits and classiness of a sprung hardwood floor, they decide to make the investment. In that case, the level of the floor may change and things can get a little more complicated. These are all options you should discuss with whichever expert flooring team in Perth that you go with.